How to Increase MRR and Traffic through Strategic Content: A Content Case Study on Keyhole (2023)

For SaaS companies, product-led content should take center stage. Why?

  • It revolutionizes brand impact
  • Cultivates niche authority
  • Brings high-intent leads

Yet, content remains an untapped marketing source for most.

So, in this content case study, I’ll share how my listicle posts and deep dive articles brought one of the best social listening tools more website traffic and increased their MRR.


About Keyhole

Keyhole is a comprehensive social listening and analytics platform that provides businesses with valuable insights into their online presence.

It tracks hashtags, keywords, and mentions across various social media platforms to offer real-time data on engagement, reach, and sentiment. This lets brands:

  • Understand their audience,
  • Monitor trends, and
  • Optimize their content strategies.

Keyhole is ideal for influencers, startups and scale-ups, agencies, enterprises, and B2C and B2B brands.


The Challenge: Positioning Keyhole as the best social listening tool

Keyhole has serious competition in its journey to positioning itself as one of the best social listening tools. With known competitors like Sprout Social, Buffer, Brand Watch, and Hootsuite, they had to optimize their online presence to not only drive organic traffic but also build meaningful conversions.

The primary goal was to capitalize on the vast pool of potential customers visiting their platform and seamlessly guide them through the conversion funnel.

With a need to strike the right balance between user engagement and revenue generation, Keyhole needed a product-led content solution to deliver sustainable growth.


How I helped: Creating product-led content

To create a winning content case study, I started by exploring the product. This helped in understanding potential use cases.

With an intuitive dashboard that provides a stellar user experience and savvy features, I found my foundation for creating product-led content.

Next, the team assigned a list of topics to work on. Then, to create content that wows potential users and search engines, I researched keywords to naturally integrate into the content.

Together, we covered 2 major article styles:

  • Listicle posts
  • Deep dive articles (how-to guides and strategy breakdowns)

Here, listicle posts acted as ToFu (top of the funnel) content while deep dive articles were MoFu (middle of the funnel) content. This was especially tricky since we had to cover multiple social media platforms simultaneously while still doing justice to the product and its robust features.

Listicle posts

Interestingly, while most brands consider listicles to be generic, competitive, and counterintuitive, Keyhole witnessed a decent traffic-to-trials conversion rate for these posts.

listicle posts keyhole

How? In these articles, searchers looking for the best social listening tool were introduced to the product, bringing in organic traffic. Plus, I focused on making Keyhole look like the no-brainer solution for varying needs by highlighting the key features.

This helped in nudging visitors to start a free trial. So, even though the content wasn’t hyper-specific, it addressed user intent and highlighted the brand’s use cases.

Finally, by earning the featured snippets for high-intent keywords, the brand brought in significant organic traffic, saving them high CPC (cost-per-click) on Google Ad campaigns.

Deep dive articles

While crafting product-led how-to guides, my focus was to illustrate the simplicity of using Keyhole for social listening, monitoring, and competitor analysis.

The idea was to transform mundane how-to’s into dynamic narratives, highlighting user-friendly steps through conversational content. This way, I could educate users and pique their curiosity while showcasing the product’s practicality.

However, the crown jewel lies in the brand strategy breakdown articles. These in-depth explorations, like the analysis of Netflix’s and Nike’s social media prowess, truly leveraged Keyhole’s unique features. I delved beyond the surface, unveiling trends and sentiments that most traditional approaches overlook.

By showing data-backed insights as integral parts of the narrative, I could elevate the content’s authority and user value.

This strategy won us multiple featured snippets on the deep dive articles.


Results: An epic content case study

Keyhole’s journey is a testament to the magic woven by strategic content.

👉 So far, a whopping 25 featured snippets and 18+ keywords rank on the first page in only 10 articles. We did this in the first month of our collaboration itself!

This content case study showcased the marriage of insightful strategy and creative content, driving organic traffic, enhancing conversions, and fostering customer loyalty.

With just the content I wrote, they get:

  • Increased organic visits by ~5,000 monthly visits
  • 100+ new sign-ups per month
  • Growth in monthly paid customers by 4.58% – 6.4%


From the Keyhole team

“Sanketee is one of the best freelancers I’ve ever worked with. I appreciate how she takes the time to understand an assignment and asks thoughtful, well-researched questions to ensure expectations are met.

I’ve seen her content pieces ranking on the first page in just a month — with no extra effort. Her writing is thoughtful, original, and engaging.

She delivers assignments on time and responds quickly to messages. If you’re looking for a freelance content writer, I would highly recommend Sanketee for your next project!”

– Rohit Chavane (Acquisition Marketing Manager, Keyhole)


We hit a jackpot with Sanketee on our side!

Her punctuality, engagement-dripping blogs, and traffic-driving skills are out of this world. Our rankings have improved, thanks to her exceptional writing. You need not think twice when it comes to her.”

– Sweta Panigrahi (Content and Community Manager, Keyhole)


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